Many people think that there is no reason to have a religious belief or even a Christian credo, as we have science which explains the world and our lives. This is the widespread scientific naturalism and often atheism. There seem to be contradictions between the Christian and the scientific world view concerning creation vs. evolution or miracles. DAWKINS, e.g., wants to abandon all religions and argues for a militant New Atheism. STEPHEN HAWKING, the famous physicist who died in March, told us that there is simply no need for God as creator because our universe is supposed to have emerged out of nothing.
But there is a notable observation: We find distinguished scientists with the same range of scientific knowledge and activity but considerably differing in their believes. [...]

[29.10.2018, deutscher Titel: "Warum glauben, wenn doch die Wissenschaft Wissen schafft?"]


Prof. Dr. Peter C. Hägele